How to reach us


Praia de Guaibim, Valença, Bahia, Brasil

We will like to take you from the airport in Salvador only for cost sharing.

If you like to travel your own by car or by taxi:

1. You take the ferry boat from Salvador “São Joachim” (signed with “Ferry boat”) to“Bom Despacho”.

On the island “Itaparica” (crossing 50 minutes). The ferries are going nearly every hour. Then you take the direction of

“Nazaré” on the BA001 and from there you follow the direction of “Valença”. Just before Valença you get the sign Guaibim to

the left. (Journey by car 1,5 hours from“Bom Despacho”.

2. without car:

You take the catamaran or normal Ferry from São Joaquim (Ferry boat,look at 1.) Then you will be there in 20 minutes on

Itaparica (Bom Despacho) and from there you take a bus or taxi or we will take you from there.

You also can take a catamaran from the “Mercado Modelo” in Salvador. This is going to the island “Itanharé” with the main

village “Morro de São Paulo”. From there you have to take an other boat to “Atracadouro, Ponta do Curral”, last trip is about

 18.00. from Morro de São Paulo to Atracadouro.

We can take you then from“Atracadouro, Ponta do Curral”–only 15 minutes from the house.

3. Flight  There is also a flight connection from the airport Salvador to Guaibim airport. The price is about , 250,00

Reais/person. Flight times: 08.30/12.30/15.30. Only with reservation. Telephone (0055)71/ 3377-2451